Employee Directory

Image First Name Last Name Departments Location Phone Position E-Mail
Ronald Herman Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3922 Custodian rgherman@viterbo.edu
Laurie Hilden Residence Life, Student Life MHS 106A 608-796-3844 Administrative Assistant lkhilden@viterbo.edu
Carol Hines Master of Arts in Education MRC 443 608-796-3388 Assistant Professor cnhines@viterbo.edu
Linda Hinkley College of Education, Science, and Mathematics, Master of Arts in Education MRC 401 608-796-3090 Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs in Education lkhinkley@viterbo.edu
Janet Holter Social Work, Criminal Justice NRC 410 608-796-3724 Assistant Professor jlholter@viterbo.edu
Vickie Holtz-Wodzak English Department, Liberal Studies MRC 526 608-796-3487 Associate Professor/Chair vlholtzwodzak@viterbo.edu
Denise Homstad Student Affairs SDC 1 608-796-3825 Administrative Assistant dlhomstad@viterbo.edu
Jason Howard Philosophy, History MRC 521 608-796-3700 Professor jjhoward@viterbo.edu
John Huber Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3922 Custodian jphuber@viterbo.edu
Karla Hughes School of Fine Arts, Theatre & Music Theatre Department FAC 430 608-796-3775 Associate Professor kmhughes@viterbo.edu
Susan (Susie) Hughes Master of Arts in Education MRC 421 608-796-3394 Associate Professor; Educational Research/Program Specialist srhughes@viterbo.edu
Bobbi Hundt Graduate Program in Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Health and Human Behavior, College of Nursing, Health, and Human Behavior NRC 107 608-796-3671 Administrative Assistant bmhundt@viterbo.edu
Karen Hurtgen Copy and Mail Center RCE 022 608-796-3055 Copy and Mail Center Coordinator kghurtgen@viterbo.edu
Jose Luis (Joe) Iglesias Dahl School of Business BRC 231 608-796-3364 Assistant Professor jliglesias@viterbo.edu
Christopher Iremonger Biology, Environmental Biology RCE 221 608-796-3468 Assistant Professor cjiremonger@viterbo.edu
Jeanne Jackson Registrar MRC 204 608-796-3181 Administrative Assistant jmjackson@viterbo.edu
Sheryl Jacobson School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing NRC 422 608-796-3689 Associate Professor sljacobson@viterbo.edu
Jesús Jambrina History, World Languages MRC 523 608-796-3493 Associate Professor/Coordinator; Latin American and Latino Studies Program jejambrina@viterbo.edu
Tina Johns Center for Student Success MRC 335 608-796-3085 Director tmjohns@viterbo.edu
Melanie Johnson School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing NRC 415 608-796-3667 Associate Professor mkjohnson@viterbo.edu
Daniel Johnson-Wilmot School of Fine Arts, Music Department FAC 421 608-796-3761 Professor/Chair dejohnsonwilmot@viterbo.edu
Kalla Kalloway Library MRC 106 608-796-3271 Information Services Assistant kckalloway@viterbo.edu
Debra Kappmeyer Communications RCE 007 608-796-3048 Associate Vice President dakappmeyer@viterbo.edu
Renee Kastenschmidt College of Business and Leadership, Dahl School of Business BRC 105B 608-796-3360 Administrative Assistant rekastenschmidt@viterbo.edu
Reta Keenan Institutional Advancement MRC 226 608-796-3071 Database Services Associate rjkeenan@viterbo.edu