Employee Directory

Image First Name Last Name Departments Location Phone Position E-Mail
Tricia Klatt School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing NRC 377 608-796-3626 Simulation Technical Specialist tjklatt@viterbo.edu
Derek Klein Assessment, Institutional Research MRC 501 608-796-3486 Institutional Research Analyst dpklein@viterbo.edu
Carol Klitzke Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Health and Human Behavior NRC 521 608-796-3661 Professor cjklitzke@viterbo.edu
Linda Kneifl Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3920 Administrative Assistant lpkneifl@viterbo.edu
Thomas Knothe Dahl School of Business, College of Business and Leadership BRC 105A 608-796-3376 Dean teknothe@viterbo.edu
Keith Knutson History, Broad Field Social Studies, Philosophy MRC 537 608-796-3496 Professor kaknutson@viterbo.edu
Chad Kolbe School of Fine Arts, Theatre & Music Theatre Department FAC 226 608-796-3796 Associate Professor cskolbe@viterbo.edu
Lisa Konkel Center for Student Success MRC 333 608-796-3467 Assistant Director, Student Success and Retention lmkonkel@viterbo.edu
Caitlyn Konze Library MRC 108 608-796-3267 Information Services Manager cfkonze@viterbo.edu
Paul Kovacovic Music Department FAC 423 608-796-3769 Visiting Assistant Professor prkovacovic@viterbo.edu
Val Krage School of Education MRC 431 608-796-3287 Post Baccalaureate Liscensure Specialist vakrage@viterbo.edu
Dale Krageschmidt Dahl School of Business, Master of Business Administration BRC 217 608-796-3358 Associate Professor/Director, Graduate Programs dakrageschmidt@viterbo.edu
Adam Kronfeld Athletics Outdoor Athletics Complex 608-782-6546 Seasonal Athletic Fields Groundskeeper ackronfeld@viterbo.edu
Michelle Kronfeld Enrollment Management RCE 102 608-796-3025 Vice President for Enrollment Management mlkronfeld@viterbo.edu
Jackie Kuennen Bachelor of Science in Nursing, School of Nursing, BSN Completion Program NRC 418 608-796-3675 Professor jkkuennen@viterbo.edu
Lynne Kuhl School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing NRC 504 608-796-3678 Assistant Professor lmkuhl@viterbo.edu
Marci Kuhrt Sport Science and Leadership, Recreational Sports AMC 175 608-796-3120 Director, Campus Recreation and Student Leadership mkkuhrt@viterbo.edu
Richard Kyte Master of Arts in Servant Leadership, D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership RCE 142 608-796-3704 Endowed Professor/Director, D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership rlkyte@viterbo.edu
Laurie Lachman Dining Services Marian Hall 608-796-3831 Catering Manager lachman-laurie@aramark.com
Melinda Langeberg School of Education MRC 435 608-796-3289 Assistant Professor melangeberg@viterbo.edu
Ben Larsen Academic Resource Center MRC 332 608-796-3195 Reading/Writing Specialist bplarsen@viterbo.edu
Aaron Larson Instructional and Information Technology MRC 504A 608 796-3880 Server Administrator amlarson@viterbo.edu
Jessie Latten Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling MRC 554 608-796-3717 Assistant Professor jlatten@viterbo.edu
R. Charles Lawrence Biology, Biopsychology, Pre-health Professions RCE 220 608-796-3461 Assistant Professor rclawrence@viterbo.edu
Sheldon Lee Mathematics, Mathematical Physics RCE 213 608-796-3658 Associate Professor/Chair shlee@viterbo.edu