Employee Directory

Image First Name Last Name Departments Location Phone Position E-Mail
R. Charles Lawrence Biology, Biopsychology, Pre-health Professions RCE 220 608-796-3461 Assistant Professor rclawrence@viterbo.edu
Sheldon Lee Mathematics, Mathematical Physics RCE 213 608-796-3658 Associate Professor/Chair shlee@viterbo.edu
Dorothy Lenard Biology, Chemistry RCE 315 608-796-3472 Administrative Program Specialist dblenard@viterbo.edu
Brian Lewis Athletics AMC 123 608-796-3824 Head Baseball Coach btlewis@viterbo.edu
Rebecca Liebert School of Nursing, Graduate Program in Nursing NRC 417 608-796-3672 Assistant Professor raliebert@viterbo.edu
Sherri Lisota School of Fine Arts, Art Department FAC 320 608-796-3753 Assistant Professor/Chair sjlisota@viterbo.edu
Caitlin Locy Admission RCE 113 608-796-3014 Assistant Director calocy@viterbo.edu
Michael Lopez-Kaley Religious Studies MRC 319 608-796-3709 Associate Professor mdlopezkaley@viterbo.edu
Frank Ludwig School of Fine Arts, Theatre & Music Theatre Department, Core Curriculum FAC 227 608-796-3799 Professor/Director, Core Curriculum fpludwig@viterbo.edu
Malena Lupient Career Services MRC 381 608-796-3839 Interim Career Services Specialist mmlupient@viterbo.edu
Venancio (Vee) Luz Dahl School of Business BRC 229 608-796-3166 Assistant Professor valuz@viterbo.edu
Adam Malin Campus Safety and Security SDC 5 608-796-3913 Director ammalin@viterbo.edu
Diana (Dodie) Marriott Center for Student Success MRC 323 608-796-3060 Project Coordinator, Title III Grant ddmarriott@viterbo.edu
Tyler Marshall Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3922 Custodian tjmarshall@viterbo.edu
Jo Ann Marson Dahl School of Business BRC 108 608-796-3363 Associate Professor jmmarson@viterbo.edu
Elizabeth Marzoni English Department MRC 520 608-796-3480 Assistant Professor/Director, Honors Program esmarzoni@viterbo.edu
Deanna Mason Admission RCE 113 608-796-3010 Administrative Assistant dlmason@viterbo.edu
Terry Massman Copy and Mail Center RCE 022 608-796-3052 Copy and Mail Services Assistant (pt) tjmassman@viterbo.edu
Rosemary Matiak Registrar MRC 204 608-796-3184 Administrative Assistant rmatiak@viterbo.edu
Christopher Mayne Biology, Pre-health Professions RCE 222 608-796-3655 Assistant Professor cgmayne@viterbo.edu
Dawn Mazzola Financial Aid MRC 218 608-796-3900 Assistant Director; VA School Certifying Official dmmazzola@viterbo.edu
Gene McCurdy Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3921 Director emmccurdy@viterbo.edu
Justin McKnight Center for Student Success MRC 339 608-796-3062 Academic and Career Advisor jsmcknight@viterbo.edu
Janet McLean School of Fine Arts, Theatre & Music Theatre Department FAC 218 608-796-3792 Associate Professor jemclean@viterbo.edu
Anna Meier College of Arts and Letters, Adult, Graduate, and International Admissions, Adult Learning FAC 440/FAC 115 608-796-3760/3099 Administrative Assistant ammeier@viterbo.edu