Jabali Acrobats

Sunday, April 28 at 3 pm
Fine Arts Center Main Theatre
Adult - Main Floor $18 • Lower Balcony $16 • Upper Balcony $14
Child - Main Floor $16 • Lower Balcony $14 • Upper Balcony $12

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Originating in Mombasa, Kenya, these talented acrobats/artists have thrilled audiences of all ages with their unique display of athleticism, art, movement, and acrobatic majesty. This breathtaking performance exemplifies the link between athletics and the arts as the incredible acrobatics, contortions, tumbling, human pyramids, and chair-balancing skills of these performers turn to dance with the Congo Snake Dance, Flamingo Limbo Bar Dance, Skip Rope Footwork techniques, and comedy along with electrifying music.

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Event Dates: 

Sunday, Apr. 28, 3:00 pm