History Teaches

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History Teaches

A degree in history provides general skills essential for any career, including

  • the ability to read critically
  • write clearly
  • construct effective arguments
  • think creatively
  • remain flexible and look at issues with an open mind
  • and become culturally competent given diversity in the workplace and a global economy

A degree in history provides specific skills, including

  • judgment in distinguishing between serious and unserious, knowledge and myth
  • discrimination in sifting through masses of information to determine what matters through a close reading of texts
  • synthesis in examining a wide variety of evidence into a coherent narrative

A degree in history allows individuals to

  • understand change and how our society came to be
  • see themselves and their society from different times and places, displaying a sense of cultural and historical identity
  • participate knowledgeably in the affairs of the world around them, drawing upon understanding of the past.

The result?  A degree in history gives you a broad perspective and flexibility for many work situations and for good citizenship.