How do I print from my Residence Hall or Mobile device?

Viterbo has a service called WebPrint that allows printing to designated devices around campus from a mobile device or non-university owned computer.

Printing through Webprint will automatically be deducted from your allotment or budget depending on whether you are a student or employee.  

To get started:

  1. Visit WebPrint from a web browser on you computer/mobile device.
  2.  Login with your Viterbo University username and password.Papercut login screen jpeg
  3. Click WebPrint from the left hand menu. (Follow the directions presented on the screen) NOTE: Supported files allowed are PDFs, Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Images.Web Print Supported File Types JPEG
  4.  Click Submit a Job.   WebPrint Start Screen JPEG
  5. Choose which printer you want to send your document to by clicking on the Box next to the name. (NOTE: Documents print as soon as you finialize the submission.)
  6. Enter the number of copies you'd like printed and click Upload Document.
  7. Either Drag & Drop files to the upload location or choose Upload from My Computer to select the items indivdually.
  8. When you've finished choose which documents to upload, click Upload & Print.  As soon as you click that final button your document is being processed at the printer.  You will see the progress of the document in the list at the bottom of the page. 

Webprint Job Monitoring jpeg





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