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Tom Thibodeau, MASL faculty and Lori Pedretti, MASL student, are BUILDING COMMUNITY in Westby, WI. A series of meetings to promote community has been scheduled in Westby. Mayor Danny Helgerson, Michele Engh and Lori Pedretti invite you to join Tom Thibodeau, distinguished professor from Viterbo University, for friendly conversation on topics that impact the community of Westby. Enjoy a pleasant meal, hear an inspiring and talented public speaker, and participate in conversation on ways to promote a more welcoming, nurturing sense of community. Thibodeau will teach the basics of leadership skills which can be applied in organizations, families and communities, and ways in which to nurture and sustain it. September’s teaching topic was on Listening. Additional teaching topics include Building Community, Crucial Conversations and Celebration and Rituals. La Crosse

Sandy Brekke, MASL student and Senior Consultant, Office of Population Health, Gundersen Health System,  with two colleagues attended the inaugural WORLD HAPPINESS CONFERENCE in Miami. Mike Tighe, of the La Crosse Tribune, interviewed them. The Associated Press picked up their story. US News and World Report, The Washington Times and Star Tribune have published their story! Servant Leadership is traveling the country this month.Could Quest for Happiness Boost Mental Health

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