Master of Arts in Servant Leadership

Who is Participating?

One of the unique features of the Masters of Arts in Servant Leadership program is that it brings together a variety of people who aspire to serve through leadership positions in business, community and church. The current program participants and MASL alumni represent the countries of India, Rwanda, South Sudan and Vietnam and the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut,  Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin.  These servant leaders are changing our world for the common good in careers and professions that include:

  • Banking and Credit Union industry as presidents, vice presidents, chief financial officers, officers, executives, and in human resources
  • University, college administrators, faculty, and staff in human resources, nursing, communications and marketing, biology, anatomy, sustainability, education, academic advising, vocational and integrative learning, campus ministry
  • State technical colleges as deans, administrators and instructors
  • United States military officer and retired military personal
  • Elementary, middle school and high school administrators and teaching professionals for public and private school districts
  • Healthcare CFOs, administrators, directors, doctors and nurses in finance, operations, cancer and trauma centers, endoscopy, renal dialysis and veterans PTSD units, hospice and palliative care, medical technology, quality and employee education and training, referral relations and outreach, organizational learning and development, charge nurses, clinical operations, clinical dietitian and nutrition educators, trauma unit supervisor, surgical unit, clinical researcher, grief counselor, social services, blood center supervisor and pastoral care
  • Federal Government employees working as human resource managers-in the civilian and military sectors, social workers, administrators, medical technician and physician with the veteran’s administration, bank examiner
  • State, county and local government employees serving in law enforcement, internal revenue tax auditor, property appraisal, crime victim rights, social work, senior citizen advocacy and nursing facilities auditing, restorative justice with juvenile, and teen courts, job placement, museum research, foster care, juvenile detention center program manager and training coordinators
  • Administrators, directors, social workers and service professionals working in agencies that serves low income and homeless populations, children and family services, adult disability services and residential facilities
  • Clergy, youth and adult ministers, program coordinators, directors of religious education for parishes and congregations
  • NGO executive in Rwanda, Africa
  • Executive director of a community foundation, director of a spirituality center, CFO of a non-profit social service agencie, vice president of a major Midwestern city's Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Owners of small businesses including tax accounting, infant and toddler day care center, sign language interpreting, media consultants, grief counseling, personal growth coaching, interior and furniture design, a dance studio, voice and music instruction
  • COO of a national dairy corporation, large animal veterinarian and dairy farmer and general manager in agribusinesses
  • Grant writers and fund raising executives, marketing and public relations specialists, writer and editor of a healthcare magazine
  • National and international manufacturing, engineering, hospitality  and retail corporations’ finance director, computer quality improvement specialists, internet web managers, electronic manufacturing production coordinator, supervisors, general managers, chemical lab supervisor, and HR directors

Here's what they have to say…

Servant Leadership and this program are a wonderful opportunity for a critical study of how best to lead others through service. It provides an opportunity to match your personal mission of helping and serving others with your professional goals of providing organizational leadership. The staff at Viterbo has been wonderful. They are living the servant leadership model.

Troy Gunderson, Superintendent
West Salem School District, Wis.

Servant leadership is a Christ-centered example of leadership. It is versatile in its uses and practicality. Servant leadership invites collaboration and empowerment of leaders and followers. My experience at Viterbo has been very positive; challenging in a life-giving way. I appreciate the opportunity to integrate prayer and reflection as part of my learning experience. The professors at Viterbo truly embody the concepts of servant leadership, which was evident in their lives through the stories they shared as part of the educational process.

Christine Newkirk, Ladysmith, Wis.
Assistant Director of Religious Education for the Diocese of Superior