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Graduate Business Certificates at Viterbo University

The Dahl School of Business at Viterbo University now offers a graduate certificate in Health Care Management.  The certificate comprises 12 credits of graduate business coursework.

Certificate Requirements

Graduate Certificate in Health Care Management

  • MGMT 512 (Leadership) or 525 (Change Management) or 550 (Business Strategy), nine credits of HMGT (health care management) coursework. Three credits may be earned by completing MGMT 546 Applied Research, or 685 Capstone Project with a health care related project.

Credit Requirement: To obtain a graduate business certificate from Viterbo University, all credits must be taken at Viterbo.  Students with substantial academic background relevant to a specific course may have the course waived, but the waiver does not reduce the overall number of credits required for the certificate.  The only exception is Viterbo graduate program alumni, who may have the certificate requirements reduced by one course.

Graduate Certificate Ethical Leadership in Organizations

A 12-credit certificate emphasizing a “train the trainer” approach.

  • Complete the two core courses: ETHL 531 – Interpersonal and Organizational Excellence I, 3 cr. and
    ETHL 532 – Interpersonal and Organizational Excellence II, 3 cr.
    ETHL 531 & ETHL 532 are offered during the summer session.

  • Choose two graduate electives from the following:
    SVLD 501 – Servant Leadership Theory and Practice
    SVLD 546  – Teaching, Leading, Serving
    SLVD 546 – Wisdom and Leadership
    SVLD 559 – The Art of Leadership
    SVLD 504 – Ethical Decision Making for the Common Good
    SVLD 550 – Building Community
    SVLD 553 – Ritual and Celebration
    SVLD 557 – Prophetic Leadership
    MGMT 512 – Leadership Skills in Organizations
    MGMT 546–001 – Globally Responsible Leadership

Ethical Leadership in Organizations is designed for people who want to learn how to lead effective, ethical change within their organizations. Participants will acquire practical knowledge of servant leadership and ethical decision-making. They will also learn specific leadership strategies, based upon a proven training program that will establish long-lasting and significant transformation of the workplace culture. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows participants to tailor the program to their particular professional needs.


Courses are offered in face-to-face, online, or blended formats.  Students in the graduate certificate programs learn alongside students in the MBA program and must meet the requirements for admission to graduate programs in business at Viterbo University.

Certificate courses may be offered in spring, summer, or fall semester, with the highest concentration of courses offered in the summer in an 8-week format.  A student choosing to complete a focused applied research or capstone project may complete that project with the guidance of a graduate advisor in the spring, summer, or fall.

Credits Applied to the MBA: A graduate course taken as part of a certificate program may later be applied to satisfy MBA program requirements, given:

  • The student has applied and been accepted into the MBA program.
  • A grade of B or better has been received on the certificate course.
  • The course is considered relevant to the MBA at the time of admission.
  • The course was taken within the timeframe specified for transferrable credits in Viterbo’s graduate program catalog.

A student who completes a certificate and then enters the MBA program cannot declare the certificate program as an emphasis. If they choose to declare a different emphasis during the MBA program, that will be the emphasis designation on the official transcript.  MGMT-501 will be required, in addition to the listed requirements, for those who do not meet the prerequisite requirements for a graduate degree in business.


Current tuition for all graduate business coursework is $640 per credit for the 2018-2019 academic year.  Each certificate requires 12 credits; MBA alumni may have certificate requirements reduced by three (3) credits.  The certificates are degree programs; therefore, students may be eligible for financial aid.


For more information regarding graduate business certificates or the MBA program at Viterbo University, please contact

Tiffany Smith,  Director, Graduate Enrollment, College of Business & Leadership, | 608.796.3379