Career Opportunities

A math degree from Viterbo will allow you to pursue a vast number of careers in industry, government, and education. You may have the option to continue to graduate school to study mathematics, statistics, or similar fields such as economics or bio-mathematics. The experience of our graduates is that a degree in mathematics makes students very marketable; employers are looking for people with good skills in thinking and problem solving, and the ability to understand mathematical approaches to problems requiring quantitative analysis. 

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  • Actuarial science applies mathematics to finance and insurance. An application is to determine the proper insurance premium for a given policy that is fair for the insured and insurer.  
  • Computer science is the study of computation as it relates to computer systems. As math majors are trained in deductive, logical reasoning, they are highly esteemed in this field.
  • Operations research uses mathematical methods to optimize performance of a system, or minimize cost. Applications include designing traffic lights to maximize traffic flow, or scheduling airline flights to minimize delays.
  • Biomathematics uses mathematics to study biology. Applications include modeling epidemics and population genetics.
  • Cryptography uses mathematics to hide information. Applications include the security of ATM cards and computer passwords.
  • Finance uses mathematics to explain and predict the behavior of financial markets.