Student Testimonials

"Viterbo provided me with a great academic background that was challenging at times, but also allowed for a lot of space of fun, excitement, and enjoyment. I thank every single person who has made my experience this enjoyable and helpful"

Benedict Ritscher, 2016 graduate with majors in Mathematics and History

"I really enjoyed my time at Viterbo. Everyone was very friendly and the professors truly cared about their students." 

—Jordan Penn, 2016 graduate with a major in Mathematics

"I originally came to Viterbo with plans to stay for one semester and then transfer to another school. However, the Franciscan hospitality at Viterbo instantly won me over, and I spent three more wonderful years here completing my undergraduate degree. The Viterbo community is like a family. The faculty, staff, and professor’s support, encourage, and love the students like they are their own. The math program at Viterbo is especially great. Not only do you receive an excellent math education, but you also become equipped with critical thinking skills that are helpful in all of life’s endeavors. The math professors are extremely talented and very passionate about the subjects they teach. Small class sizes enable students to really get to know the professors, which makes the overall experience so much more enjoyable. I would recommend anyone interested in pursuing a degree in mathematics to check out the great program that Viterbo has to offer!"

Sara Weibel, 2015 graduate with a major in Mathematics 

"As someone who loves to be challenged, I found studying math at Viterbo was incredibly rewarding. The small class sizes gave me the support I needed to be a successful student and teacher.  I was more than just a number (pun intended); I formed strong relationships with my peers, and classes provided us the forum to question the axioms taught.  The approachable math professors compelled me to think about mathematics as more than a set of arbitrary rules and numbers.  We were shown that elegance can be found by taking the complexity of the world and expressing it through a well-formed and logical proof."

Megan Sievers, 2012 graduate with a major in Mathematics Education (currently teaching Mathematics at Tomah High School)

"I have always loved mathematics and solving problems. At Viterbo, Dr. Marcus Saegrove introduced me to statistics, a subject which resonated with me unlike any other area of math. Encouraged by Dr. Saegrove’s mentorship, I subsequently went on to purse an advanced degree in statistics at Texas A&M University. I recently completed a summer of teaching 150 undergraduate students introductory statistics. I strove to be an invested, personable, and fair instructor, values I saw exemplified by professors at Viterbo. In August, I received a Master of Science degree in Statistics. In September, I begin my career as a mathematical statistician with the federal government."  

Emily Seem, 2011 graduate with a major in Mathematics

"The Viterbo mathematics faculty provided me with a strong foundation for my doctoral studies.  The faculty served as role models for my own career as a mathematics professor."

Mark Batell, 2009 graduate with a major in Mathematics (has since earned a PhD in Mathematics at University of North Dakota, currently a visiting Assistant Professor at Indiana University South Bend)