Campus News

Welcome Back

I wish everyone a good start to spring semester. We have approximately 50 new traditional undergraduate students joining our campus for the first time, and even more in online and graduate programs. I encourage everyone to wear name badges and remember that some students are new to us and don’t know their way around or yet have the social connections of other students.

I would like to thank everyone for the high level of participation in the conversations last week related to programs, budgets, retention, and helping students find vocations. It is obvious among all employees there is a high level of commitment to our students and to each other in these challenging conversations. I would also like to acknowledge the work of many spending many hours recruiting and orienting students last week, including but certainly not limited to, student life, ARC, CSS, financial aid, admissions, and others. Also, thank you to departments who ran significant recruiting events over break including math and the sciences with Big Bang Friday and the Show Choir competition on campus.