Campus News

Reduce Paper Usage

The Viterbo Environmental Responsibilities Committee is encouraging the campus community to reduce paper consumption and to reduce the use of printers on campus.

Viterbo has increased the use of electronic modes of communication, but the amount of printing has not leveled off or been reduced. Viterbo is using not only more paper, but more energy as well.

According to the committee, in the nine months from July 2017 through March 2018, Viterbo employees and students printed an astounding 1,498,773 sheets of paper, consumed 18.51 trees, produced 6,704.0 kg of CO2, and used 422,102.4 equivalent bulb hours on tracked printing devices.

Everyone is asked to help. Here a few easy to adopt strategies:

  1. Print everything two-sided.
  2. If printing from a website with advertising, copy and paste informational text into a Word document or text editor before printing, in order to save additional advertising from being printed.
  3. Use email and text messaging when appropriate.
  4. Use Moodle for delivery of course materials, rather than printing for students.
  5. Use Office 365, for editing and sharing Word documents.

When you need to keep a copy of a document, scan and send to email to save as an electronic document rather than making a print copy. If you must print or create handouts, consider sending your documents to the Copy and Mail Center for printing. While this won’t cut down on the amount of paper, it does reduce energy consumption and the cost per page.