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Viterbo Student Nurse Puts Skills into Action

When one of her cadre passed out at the Eagle Battalion Army ROTC: UW-La Crosse, Winona State, Viterbo, and Saint Mary's office, Viterbo nursing student and Cadet Olivia Hanson immediately responded and was able to provide care while advanced medical personnel were called to the scene.

“This experience gave me an amazing sense of pride,” Cadet Hanson said. “I was able to put together all of my skills and help take care of a person who I know well in an emergency situation. The part that amazes me the most was that I did it without any problems. I was able to focus on multiple important things at once. I did not lose my cool and was seemingly the calmest person in the room. I got to see how a nurse’s calming presence can pervade a room and make an emergency situation seem less chaotic. But there are no words for the amazing feeling that helping someone brings you. I see the person that I helped as a part of my ROTC family and I was able to make sure that he was safe and taken care of until a higher level of care could be provided. I truly felt like a Viterbo and an Army nurse.”