Campus News

Attend DNP Defenses Wednesday

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students will present their project defenses Wednesday, Feb. 20 in the School of Nursing Building room 104. The Viterbo community is invited to attend.

8 a.m. LuAnn Fowler – “In nurse practitioners (NP) specializing in the field of occupational and environmental medicine, will creating a section within the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine to provide improved access, resources and support for NPs increase NP membership, over the course of one year?”

9 a.m. Kasandra Reed and Emily Radcliffe – “In adults 18 and older with musculoskeletal work-related injuries, does implementing an early assessment and first-aid intervention program at a Midwestern occupational health clinic compared to usual practice reduce reportable injuries and work compensation claims by 10% and improve return to work times over nine months?”

10 a.m. Andrea Castle and Kara Delger – “For adults in two rural Southeast Minnesota communities, will participation in an advance care planning class improve attitudes about advance care planning and rates of advance directive completion when compared to baseline data?”      

1 p.m. Mindy Zenke – “In all patients undergoing surgery at a Midwestern institution, how does a standardized preoperative history and physical with an algorithm for identifying additional testing and labs prior to surgery compared to no standardization affect postoperative outcomes, patient satisfaction, and length of hospitalization at 6 months?”