Campus News

Tech Gadgets at the Library

By Polly Scott

The library has a variety of gadgets available for scholarly and leisure needs and for short-term and long-term checkout. We have audio recorders, voice recorders, and video cameras for interviewing and PowerPoint remotes, clickers, and projectors for presentations or for use at conferences. We have laptop computers that can be checked out along with external DVD drives. The library also has a Mac laptop, webcams, external speakers, Swivl’s, desktop microphones and iPads. An equipment list is available to find out more information about the various gadgets available.

To discuss the logistics of your project or if you’d like to peruse the available gadgets, visit the library’s main desk or email Equipment may be used by all current Viterbo students, staff, and faculty.

Reserving Equipment for Class Use: iPads tend to be utilized heavily by students throughout the semester. We will make every effort to accommodate requests, as needed. Apps can be downloaded for classroom use but we appreciate attempts to plan ahead in order to meet your needs.