BSN Completion Program

Technical College Pathways Program

Technical College Pathways Program

Are you currently enrolled in a nursing program at one of the Wisconsin Technical Colleges? Would you like to get started on your Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing at Viterbo University? Now you can do that by applying to the Professional Pathways Program. 

Our Pathways Program allows opportunities for students from any technical college in Wisconsin to complete general education requirements, which may allow a seamless pathway into the BSN Completion program at Viterbo University.

This program is designed for students waiting to start nursing core courses at a Wisconsin technical college. Students will be eligible to apply for financial aid at Viterbo, as long as the student is not taking courses at any other institution and has not applied for aid elsewhere.

Apply to the College Pathways Program

To apply to the College Pathways program after you graduate from your associate degree nursing program, you must first submit the online application for Viterbo University and fulfill the enrollment requirements listed below. The must be signed by the associate dean of the your current nursing program. The Pathways formMicrosoft Office document icon and all documents listed below should be submitted to Viterbo's Adult Learning office. One of our adult learning admission counselors would be happy to assist you in the application process. 


  • Transcripts of all lower level courses reviewed by the associate dean; minimum 3.0 GPA
  • All official transcripts from the technical college and all other colleges/universities attended
  • Completed courses: Anatomy and Physiology and either Advanced Anatomy and Physiology or Microbiology, with a minimum grade of C in both courses
  • 15 credits of general education requirements completed including: Written Communication, Speech, Sociology, Psychology, and Developmental Psych, with a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

* To remain a student in the Pathways Program, a minimum 3.0 GPA must be maintained.

Submit all documents to:
Viterbo University
Adult Learning
900 Viterbo Drive
La Crosse, WI 54601
or email to:

Accepted students

Once accepted, students must discuss course offerings with their advisor before registering each semester to ensure program requirements are met for the BSN program. Students must also maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA to remain in the program.

Course offerings

The courses listed are accelerated 8-week online courses; some may have face-to-face options available. Select no more than two courses per semester.

  • Statistics – 3 credits
  • Fine Arts (Artistic Awareness) – 3 credits
  • English Literature – 3 credits
  • Religious Studies (Theological Inquiry) – 3 credits
  • Religious Stuides (Integrating Faith and Practice) - 3 credits
  • Philosophy - 3 credits
  • History – 3 credits

After you complete your Associate Degree in Nursing

You will need to apply to the BSN Completion program by submitting a BSN Completion application form to continue your studies at Viterbo. You will also need to submit your final transcript (with degree posted) to Viterbo's Office of Admissions at 900 Viterbo Drive, La Crosse, WI 54601. We also accept electronic transcripts from Parchment, National Clearninghouse, and Credentials Solutions. 

For more information

Contact advisors from the Adult Learning office at Viterbo University by filling out the "Request Information" form on this page or by calling us at (608) 796-3010.