Non-degree Seeking Student

Non-degree Seeking Student

Non-degree Seeking Student Admission Information

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Students not seeking a degree from the Viterbo University are referred to as non-degree seeking students.

Non-degree status enables students who may need to satisfy prerequisites for admission or who have no immediate degree objective to enroll in courses for which they are qualified without seeking admission to a degree program. Enrollment in specific courses is based on eligibility criteria and availability of space in the course.

Examples of Non-Degree students:

  • an individual desiring to audit or take courses for credit, but does not expect to earn a degree from Viterbo University;
  • an individual looking to take classes toward a graduate program for which you need to complete additional prerequisites;

Students may later be admitted as an undergraduate degree-seeking student provided they submit complete transcripts of previous work and meet admission requirements.

Classes Open to Non-degree Students

Courses are offered to Non-Degree seeking students on a space available basis. Ordinarily Non-Degree seeking students will select courses numbered 100 or freshman level courses. However, through special consultation with Viterbo University course instructors, a student may select another course. For math and Spanish courses, students may be asked to take our placement exam. In art, dance, music, and theatre courses, students may be asked to audition.

How do I apply?

Apply online at

For application and admission related questions:
Myriah Borofka
Viterbo University Admission Office, 900 Viterbo Drive, La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: 608-796-3016
Fax: 608-796-3020

For advising and enrollment related questions:
Lisa Konkel
Center for Student Success, 900 Viterbo Drive, La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: 608-796-3467


Per Credit: $750/credit for 1–5 credits plus additional fees
Audit (No Credit): $100/credit (requires audit approval)
plus additional fees

Additional Fees

For students taking (1-11 credits) a student activity fee of $15.00/credit to a maximum of $45.00/per semester and technology fee of $25.00/credit to a maximum of $150.00/per semester. Costs for books and course fees (for specialized courses) are additional.


Please contact the Non-Degree Coordinator, Myriah Borofka, at (608) 796-3016 for assistance with registering for classes.  Non-Degree seeking students will be notified about registering for classes when registration dates are determined.  No more than the equivalent of 15 semester credit hours may be taken in any academic semester.

Students seeking courses toward teacher certification should click see Post-baccalaureate Teacher Licensure.