Proseminar 2019

Proseminar is an opportunity to share results of conducted action research and best practice ideas.  Individuals will participate in book studies and group discussions that will transform the graduate student status to a new level of master teacher

Refer to the tabs on the left for details regarding this exciting week, July 9-12, 2019.

Proseminar 2017 Photo Gallery

SUMMER 2019 PROSEMINAR will be held July 9, 10, 11 and 12

Experience Franciscan values in action:

  • Contemplation -- tour our chapel at St. Rose;
  • Hospitality -- feel the Franciscan Hospitality in every corner of campus;
  • Integrity -- honest results shared by peers;
  • Service -- challenge and inspire others;
  • Stewardship -- share your knowledge and best practice.

A registration form and letter are mailed to prospective participates in March.

2019 Proseminar Theme and Books

2019 Proseminar Synthesis Paper Rubric

2019 Proseminar Presentation Rubric

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2019 Proseminar Final Reflection Paper Rubric

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2019 Countdown to Proseminar

2019 Proseminar Passport