psychology professor

Career Opportunities

Graduates from Viterbo’s psychology program use their degree in a variety of careers, some continuing on to graduate school to further their education. Below is a list of positions and graduate school programs of our recent alumni.

Recent Alumni Jobs
* Psychometrist, Gundersen Lutheran
* Behavioral Specialist, Partners in Excellence
* Substance Abuse Counselor/Monitor, Attic Corrections
* Program Aid, Family and Children’s Center
* Program Manager, Creative Community Living Solutions
* Classroom Assistant, Chileda
* Youth Worker, YMCA After School Program
* Service Coordinator, Travis County Integral Care
* Youth Program Manager, Innovative Services
* Social Work Associate, VA Medical Center
* Residential Counselor, In-Patient FOCUS at Rogers Memorial Hospital
* Customer Services Representative, APAC
* AmeriCorps Volunteer, RISE
Recent Alumni Graduate Programs
* Iowa State University (M.S./PhD, Human and Family Studies)
* Edgewood College (M.S., Marriage and Family Therapy)
* South University (Austin, TX) (M.A., Clinical Counseling)
* UW-La Crosse (M.S., Student Affairs Administration; M.S., Therapeutic Recreation)
* UW-Milwaukee (M.S. Administrative Leadership)
* University of St. Thomas (MSW; M.S., Marriage and Family Therapy)
* UW-Oshkosh, Whitewater, and Stout (M.S., Mental Health Counseling)
* Viterbo University (M.S., Mental Health Counseling)
* Winona (M.S., Community Counseling, School Counseling)

Interested in more options? The American Psychological Association maintains a careers in psychology informational site.