Religion, Politics, and Servant Leadership in U.S. Politics


This mission seminar will focus on the U.S. elections as a lens for examining what it might mean to live lives of "faithful service and ethical leadership" in public office. Students will draw on a variety of fields (e.g., sociology of religion, political science, philosophy, history, and leadership studies) to locate elections in the complex and contentious debates about the relationships among religion, politics, and public leadership in the U.S. Through engagement with readings, the real-time events of campaigns, and participation in service, students will learn to evaluate the limits and possibilities for servant-led communities. In addition to scholarly work on the subject, readings may include candidate auto/biographies, newspapers, and blogs. Students must complete 25 hours or 10 instances of service. Prerequisite: any 100-level VUSM course or transfer student placement. SCG




VP for Academic Affairs