Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Religious Studies at Viterbo

Religion helps us to ask and answer essential questions about our relationship to God, self, others, and the world. Religious studies aims to investigate the nature of God while developing a mature worldview consistent with values promoting the common good. Religious studies focus on social justice and the complexities of religions and spirituality in the modern world. This journey nurtures critical thinking and writing skills, while engaging in content that stimulates and expands your intellect.

At Viterbo, this process begins with dedicated faculty, both lay and religious, who are actively engaged in theological research and scholarship. Faculty guide and mentor students to examine religious history as well as Christian, Franciscan, and sacramental theologies, scripture, and moral reasoning. This is a personal approach that, along with small class sizes, nurtures students’ intellectual and spiritual development.

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Program Highlights

  • An emphasis in Franciscan theology and spirituality
  • A strong commitment to the Catholic intellectual tradition while actively engaging other religious traditions
  • Small class sizes that ensure students get the maximum attention they deserve
  • Faculty mentored senior capstone project


Featured Alumni

“I love working with college students, their energy and enthusiasm is contagious. I was blessed to have people walk with me and guide me on my faith journey when I was at Viterbo, and I hope to do that with my students.”

Allie Loomis '07  
Director, Campus Ministry
Murray State University

Career Examples

  • Librarian
  • Marketing
  • Minister
  • Newspaper reporter
  • Public relations
  • Publisher
  • Speech writer