Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

This department offers a B.A. and a B.S. and minors in both Criminal Justice and in Sociology. Students may also declare a minor in Diversity Studies. Additionally, students have the ability to attain certifiable status as a police officer in the state of Wisconsin and are able to attain AODA certification.

Consistent with the Franciscan values of Viterbo University, our department strives to create in our students a sense of the importance of justice in all areas of social life, respect for the human dignity of each individual, and a life-long commitment to service in our communities.

We believe the strength of our department is in its multi-disciplinary focus. It allows both faculty and students to broaden their learning environment by appreciating the connections we have between Criminal Justice and Sociology. Additionally, students have the benefit of excellent part-time faculty who are professionals in the community.  

The department offers a strong academic foundation offering an array of theoretical, and practical and applied courses. Both disciplines contain strengths in developing the research skills of our students. Classes are small and therefore encourage interaction and discussion and more individualized attention.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to assisting students in their long-term development. Faculty members utilize a hands-on, personal approach with our students. You will meet individually with your advisors to develop your academic and career plans for your future. Because of our belief in developing students’ professionalism, we also have the Criminal Justice and Sociology Club.

We invite you to join our department with its commitment to understanding society in the 21st century and taking that knowledge and applying it to our professional and personal lives.