Title III Grant – Strengthening Institutions

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Title III Grant – Strengthening Institutions

U.S. Department of Education Title III Grant

Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP)

The Strengthening Institutions Program is designed to help higher education institutions expand their capacity to serve at-risk students by providing funds to improve and strengthen the Institution’s academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability.

In 2014, Viterbo University proposed and was awarded a $2M, five-year Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant to assist the University in serving at-risk students through an identified priority of “achieving retention and student success goals by 2020” and a stated objective to “implement retention strategies proven by national research and informed by longitudinal research of Viterbo students.”

Achievement of these Institutional goals will be measured by an:

  • increase in four-year graduation rates for first-time full-time freshmen from 30% to 36%.
  • increase in the overall fifth-semester retention from 60% to 70%.
  • increase in the fifth semester retention of at-risk students (undeclared freshmen, low income, low high school preparation) from 48% to 58%.
  • increase in the percent of freshmen and sophomores who are supported by the VU developmental advising model to 80%.
  • increase in the percent of freshmen and transfer student who have a graduation plan that has been reviewed by their Pathways advisor and program to 90%.
  • increase in the percent of programs with action plans for improved retention and academic integration to 90%.
  • increase in the percent of freshmen and sophomore students engaged in new academic integration strategies to promote retention and success to 60%.

The method by which these goals will be reached involves the coordinated implementation of intervention plans, virtual services, career programming opportunities, peer mentoring, academic advisor training, and implementation of integrated software for ease of use among professionals.

Title III Implementation Committee

Glena Temple, Ph.D., Title III Coordinator and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Tina Johns, M.B.A, Activity Director/Director of Retention
Lisa Konkel, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Retention
Kristen Nyholm, M.S.Ed., Advisor, At-Risk Focus
Justin McKnight, M.S., Advisor, Career Focus
Dodie Marriott, M.Ed., Project Coordinator
Andrew Anderson, Systems Integration Specialist
Matthew Bersagel Braley, Faculty/Academic Integration Coordinator

Title III External Evaluator

Michael Herrick, Ph.D., Herrick Research