Campus Events

"Student Body", An Acting Studio Production and Discussion

A group of buddies are hanging out in their campus's scrappy theatre, surrounded by plywood and power tools, when a freshman arrives seeking advice. She has discovered video on her camera from last week's party, and amid the revelry is footage of what looks like a rape. Should she call the cops? Delete the file? What if the apparent victim was willing - or the apparent rapist was someone they know? As the group debates, argues, and eventually votes (then votes again, and again) on what to do, stories from that night emerge, revealing that everyone present played some role in what happened, and everyone has something to lose. Join Viterbo theatre students as they share a compelling story of difficult ethical questions through drama. A talkback with the cast and community resources will take place after the production.  


La Croix Black Box Theatre
Saturday, Dec. 8, 4:30 pm