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Wisconsin Professional Development Courses

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Viterbo University's School of Education prepares educators who are grounded in Franciscan values and possess the knowledge and skills to be reflective decision makers for the 21st century.

Professional development courses and electives encourage active learning and the development of content-specific skills and strategies that focus on the authentic application of learned materials. Courses will enable educators to immediately incorporate their new skills in the classroom. All courses are relevant to current educational demands, requirements, trends, and interests. Courses may be completed without formal application to Viterbo University.

Courses are held in:

  • Appleton (Xavier High School)
  • Green Bay (Viterbo Off-Campus Center)
  • La Crosse (Viterbo University)
  • Middleton/Madison (Middleton High School)
  • Milwaukee/West Allis (Viterbo Off-Campus Center)
  • Online

Visit the searchable Course Listings to view upcoming courses, or click on subjects listed to the left to browse by type of course.

Fall, winter, and spring course hours (face-to-face courses only unless otherwise posted):
Friday 5–10 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Summer course hours (face-to-face courses only unless otherwise posted):
Monday-Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Tuition is $355 per credit / $365 beginning in Fall 2017


Using Choice to Engage and Motivate the Developing Reader  (NEW!)
Instructor: Peggy Grafwallner
Credits: 1            
Type: Face-to-Face

For many students, disciplinary reading has been a mysterious concept that they have never quite mastered. Usually textbooks readings are assigned beyond their lexile level.  As a result, students become frustrated, sometimes affecting their classroom behavior. In this interactive and collaborative workshop, research-based strategies will be shared, demonstrating how giving students a choice of disciplinary text can motivate and engage.

  • June 19-20, 2017    Milwaukee

Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching (NEW!)
Instructor: Laura Roeker
Credits: 1            
Type: Face-to-Face

This course explores the connection teachers must make between students’ home cultures and school culture. With a primary focus on Latino and African American students, this course will teach you tips on how to engage these learners, how to match your classroom management and speech to that of their home culture, how to run a successful bilingual parent/teacher conference, and how home visits can build trusting relationships with families.  You will leave feeling more confident than ever in meeting the needs of all learners!

  • June 26-27, 2017  Milwaukee

Technology Integration Using iPads-Level I  (NEW!)
Instructor: Aaron Erickson
Credits: 1            
Type: Face-to-Face

iPad issues are typically very easy to fix, but do you know what to do when iPads in your classroom are not working as you would like?  In this course, you will explore everything that you need to know to use your iPads more efficiently.  You will learn troubleshooting, how to show your iPad on your projector screen, how to search for apps to use in your classroom and resources to locate even more great apps!

  • June 28-29, 2017  Milwaukee


Using Thoughtful Logs to Lift Reading Comprehension (NEW!)
Instructor: Laura Roeker
Credits: 1            
Type: Face-to-Face

Research tells us that writing about reading lifts reading comprehension—but how do you fit writing about reading into an already busy literacy block? The answer lies in thoughtful logs. In this course, we will look at how teachers can effectively use thoughtful logs to help their students comprehend texts at a deeper level. You will learn how to set up student thoughtful logs, as well as how to manage them in a low-stress way in your classroom.

  • July 31 - August 1, 2017  Milwaukee