World Languages

Majors and Minors

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

The Spanish major provides language and culture skills for students interested in exploring opportunities for many careers paths. While at Viterbo, faculty collaborate to ensure students complete graduation requirements on time, even if pursuing a double major. Our interdisciplinary approach to language and cultures helps graduates seek jobs in the field or pursue such careers as law, medicine, nursing, politics, ministry, social work, research, interpreting, and education. Students also gain language skills and cultural competency through a required study-abroad experience of at least one month.

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Education

The Spanish Education Major is designed for students pursuing a career in K-12 education and requires a study abroad experience of at least one month. Students will attain an intermediate-high skill in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and cultural competencies. Students will also have the opportunity to observe and test their skills during a semester-long student teaching practicum in area schools, and under the supervision of professionals in the field.

3 + 1 Degree Program for Spanish Majors

This accelerated degree program provides an opportunity for outstanding, highly motivated students to complete their Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish in three years, followed by one year of graduate work leading to a Master of Business Administration or a Master of Arts in Servant Leadership. Students may earn a minor, with their B.A. degree, in accounting, business administration, marketing, or servant leadership to prepare for the master’s program. The admission criteria can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Spanish Minor

The United States is currently the country with the second-most Spanish-speaking people in the world. Many service providers, corporations, and government institutions require or prefer to hire professionals who are culturally competent and have practical knowledge of Spanish. The goal of this minor is to provide students intermediate-level proficiency in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and cultural understanding.

Spanish Education Minor

This minor is designed for students pursuing a career in elementary education and requires a study abroad experience and intermediate levels of language proficiency. Students will have the opportunity to observe and to teach practice lessons and have their skills evaluated by faculty. The goal for this minor is to help students develop intermediate-level proficiency in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and cultural understanding.

Interpreting Studies Minor

This minor introduces students to the fields of interpreting. Students will be required to specialize in vocabulary related to a field of study, such as health care, business, government, or social services. The goal of this minor is to provide an understanding of the complex set of skills needed to become an effective interpreter, with an emphasis on becoming fully bilingual and culturally sensitive.

Latin American and Latino/a Studies

The two primary outcomes of this minor are: (1) to raise awareness of social justice issues related to Latin American populations and Latinos in the United States, and (2) to encourage local, national and international engagement and advocacy toward social justice issues in Latin America and Latinos in the United States. The goal of this minor is to improve students’ cultural competency skills, which will empower them to find jobs in such professional fields as health care, education, business, social work, and communication.